Hi welcome!

You want to learn Spanish, I would like to learn some simple tips to get started with your Spanish as quickly as possible!

I have been a teacher for many years and over time I have seen what works and not, I would like to tell you a few things in the beginning and if you agrees, we'll drive together for a short while but intensively. Then we make an evaluation. If you want to continue later, we'll talk together about how it could work out so it would be most suitable for your needs.

Grammar is important since it is the basement of a real house. We will only go into the most necessary grammar, so we will also present it a bit differently than usual. We'll explain it a little later.

Words are many so we will concentrate on a few words to be able to practice them as soon as possible. We will connect in video conversations eventually and then it is important that all our participants have shared the same words so that we can practice the words we have in homework. 

Students who enter the courses can be from different backgrounds so our common language will be Spanish we will have a support material in classroomgoogle. There are two different courses one in English and one in Swedish with the same course content. All students will also have an individual submission channel where I have contact with each person and comment on the submission material individually.

It's so fun you've chosen to learn Spanish It's really a great language with so many expressions.

Very welcome (Look through the links here on the web with the idea that you have them here instead of a book so that you do not have to be able to know everything presented here.)